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All yall Florida residents

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now yall can go and ride forever with all this rain from the hurricane...i wanna go ride there now!!
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this rain was so needed, but i dont think its quite enough yet to make it really fun, but its sure gonna help
not enough; at holopaw to make a huge differance except not so dusty but I hear that 5a got alot of rain
rode tonight at grant.. it helped alittle just with dust. but no serious holes yet. need bout a month of rain from what we got today and we ll be good to go.
They say we are supposed to get some more rain this afternoon. I hope they are right! At least it won't be dusty at the Rabbit Run. Probably still won't be any good mud holes but I'll just be happy it's not dusty!
well there are some nice holes out at grant... broke an axle out there last nite. o well time to upgrade.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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