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All my Tennessee Riders!!!

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Man when are we all gonna get together and ride sometime???? It would be cool to meet all of yall. You know its gettin closer and closer to warm weather!!! Hopefully we will be make more trips to Windrock this year now that my husband officially have weekends off now on his new shift, and I have one weekend off a month so hopefully every month we are goin to go to Windrock now. But we still have the mountains and Viola around here and some other places. So what yall think? Lets ride this year!!!
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Sounds great to me! Me and my wife live about an hour from Windrock and we both ride. She rides a Polaris 325 for now but gonna get her a new ride sometime this next year. There's also a couple other good places to ride not far from Windrock. You have Royal Blue/Sundquist WMA areas and not 25 minutes up the road from there is Brimestone. Royal Blue has a lot of great trails but unless you know the area you could get lost. They are working on a new map that's due out sometime and are trying to get trail markers up. Matter of fact we are going to Windrock Sunday and Brimestone Monday.
going to Iron gap tomorrow morning about 8:30 am
See my problem is I dont have weekends off. I am on a rotaion and have one weekend off a month. So I have to plan my trips 2 or 3 weeks in advanced. And by that time everyone has plans b/c at that time there like well dont know if were gonna go then they end up hookin up with someone else. It so sucks sometimes.
So is like anyone plannin to go to the Windrock ride in April?? We havent found out if we can get off then or not but I reallly want to go.
We went to Gilmer's yesterday . Not many people up there . It was a muddy ride .
Is Windrock ok for beginners? I got the wife a bike for Christmas but she has no real experience yet. I got a weekend with no kids coming up so we are looking for a getaway.
yes, u can pick the level of riding u want to do
rubicon gal, do u have an aftermarket exhaust pipe on your ruby if so what is it and do u gain any power with it
No we installed that on my husbands bike, not mine. I want one but that will be in due time. As far as Tims we put a k&n filter, jet kit and the HMF and he can just ABOUT out run me when we line them up. With me bein automatic he losses some ground shiftin. But believe me he isnt too far behind, its almost scary.
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