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Anyone lined up the front end of their 500 ? MIne stays towed out all the time and it wears tires really funny! Do you think that lining it up would help?
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Well, i have heard several diff amount of "toe Out" from 10 mm to 30 mm .... 1" to almost 2" , i found myself , that 1" of toe out is good for all speeds , no wander on packed trails, any less you get "wander side to side , i'm running Mud Lites @ 4 psi in the front ,at higher speeds (say above 30 mph) nobody seems to consider air pressure in these discussions , but i can say for myself 1/2" toe out on each wheel ...1" total , seems to work good for me !! My tire wear is even across the front... trial an error , play around see what works for you .
Yeah I guess thats what I will do!! You can see it in my pic on the left that the handle bars are straight and one of the wheels is straight and the onther is not!
yeah mine is like that two with one straight and the other is not. makes the front tires wear like not going to tell dad how to fix it. maybe he will buy some desent tires when the stockers will wear out. then i will tell him.
IMO... some dealers just want the $$$$ and the PDI'sare secondary, i found a bunch of things i was not impressed with ie bolts missing- 2 cotter pins missing- Toe out was 2 1/2 inches on 1 wheel-wires pinched-no owners manual under the seat- Just things that shouldn't be happening after you spend ur hard earned $$$, But you know what ...thanks to forums like this one we as Group can save lots of $$$ learning from each other!!!...... Woo hoo * Must be tough being a Honda dealer , selling such dependable machines ...
I run mine year round with no toe out or toe in, 27 mudlites in the warmer months and TJD Cattracks in the winter and it handles great, I also have a 2" lift and a DGL. Never personally understood why they want you to run with toe out.
When I installed my Perfex lift with the stock tires the bike got really "loose" in the steering. To the point that it was almost scary to drive at full speed on the woods roads. Then I installed the new wheels and tires and the handling returned to normal. Actually better than normal. Bike corners like it's on rails and tire wear seems even. I never adjusted the toe.
Experiment till you find what works for you. You will definately notice a difference in handling as you adjust the toe.
I agree H4 , every bike / set up will be a little diff .... tire sizes /pressures etc.. riding style / terrain ,
I should have also mentioned , Toe out also has to do with , with front steering geometry, full lock to lock , as one wheel turns more then the opposing wheel, You may have no issues driving straight line , as far as tire scuff, but could be increasing tire scuff when turning . Hope you all can understand what i'm trying to write, i've raced stock cars for years , handling is everything , off roading is different , and everybody's ATV's will vary accordingly. But i drive mine down the road . with "total" 1 inch toe out ..... ( level surface, ... important *** ) tracks straight and true , i gives you a nice confident feel.... while turning "total control", Now i've tried completely straight wanders way too much , and i found increased tire scuff while turning... i don't know castor angles (built in .factory) But air pressure will also affect the handling characteristics also, so just some things to keep in mind ... hope this helps some . to understand ...... John
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I don't mess with that unless it gets real bad then I'll either get new ball joints/ tie rods if they were bent, if not you can bring them in/out a little bit but I cant really tell the differecne w/ my ( theyll never be in perfect align.)
That 1 Tire straight , and the other Tire Toed out , is acually the HONDA FACTORY spec !!!!!! I don't get it , and still have not heard why they do it .......Anybody ?? out there respond.....
So it will wear out the bikes faster and we will have to buy another one!
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