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ANYONE ELSE FROM ALASKA......??? TALK TO ME......!!!....LET'S GO....!!
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does it count if my body is in california but my heart is in alaska? there is no other place on earth more beautiful than alaska. i have been all over the country and all over the world and nothing else is close. i envy the **** out of you for being able to live there. post lotsa pics please.
Another Alaskan here...Been here 37 years now(lifelong)and wouldnt live anywhere else.RIDE RED!!!
I'm new to Alaska. Does that count? Well actually I haven't quite arrived yet at my final destination, Cordova. I'm in Ketchikan today and leaving out on a ferry this evening for Whittier. I figure once I get there I'll drive up to Anchorage to stay the night. That will be next Thursday. If anyone wants to grab a bite to eat or a couple of beers that night just let me know. I'll be leaving Friday at noon for Cordova.
Like to go to Alaska some day and ride
are there any organized rides in Alaska i can go to ?
I live in Wasilla. Just rod out to the Knik Glacier yesterday. I was awesome!!
We should be snowmachining out there this time of year. How was your trip? Probably windy and cold? How where the water levels? If it stays nice I just may go myself. I have 27 mudlites in WA waiting for a barge to come up with my friends moving van. So I will have to make the trip on my stockers. Think it would be a problem?
Whats up! I also live in Wasilla. How was the water level to the glacier?
Did you make it all the way?
P.S. lower little su is open and hard to cross down by the ice road and power lines at the point.
I'll be moving out to Palmer in Feb. I'm really interested in any trails you might know of around there. I just a bought new Foreman 500 Camo especially for all there is to see and do in Alaska.

Can you ride most anywhere up there? In Tennessee, where I'm from we have a lot of problems with riding across people's property and riding on the road. You have to trailer it most everywhere. That's crazy right!

Is theft bad up there? Since I'm financing my four-wheeler, I've thought about getting insurance on it. I will be keeping it in a garage. Let me know, thanks.
I'm stationed on Eielson AFB outside of Fairbanks, not by choice of course. Alaska in the summer is the most beautiful place on earth however, come winter in the interior at -30 on average, it flat out sucks. lots of places to ride and that multiplies in the winter becauses all the lakes and some rivers freeze so, that gives you that many more places to ride.
There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than Alaska (about three months a year). Other than that, I couldn't function in that cold.
I live in ketchikan! hopefully headed to anchorge in 6 months. if any one is here hit me up!

AK Proud
Anyone else ready for some mud!
Hey, I'm at Eielson as well. Got here last summer and even though I havent ridden everything on base yet cant wait to get out there! You got any favorite rides you like to take? I've heard the white mtns are pretty nice.
Just purchased a TRX500FPA. My first honda. Just waiting for new tires and summer. I'm in Fairbanks so if anyone wants to ride PM
Hehe get on the member map. You never know when one of us will get adventurous. toodeep is probably the closest to you being in S. Dakota.
Fairbanks checking in.......give me a holler, if you want to ride!!
Swing by and pick me up....:lol:
fort richardson here n i just bought a 99 450 n ordered some executioners. i just need to know where to ride at.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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