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Airbox Repair - how to (kind of)

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Part of my water in engin trouble came from my airbox getting a huge gouge in it. So yesterday I decided to get it fixed before heading out on it this weekend. all this is takeing place on my '04 foreman 450.

Here are 4 pics of the box after i removed it from the atv.
Before Pic #1
Before Pic #2
Before Pic #3
Before Pic #4

This is fleece purchased from walmart for $2.74 per yard, it is more "user friendly" than fiberglass mat. i bought 2 yards even though I only need about 6". I have a car stero project to use the rest on.
Fleece Material

This is the piece i cut that is goin on the airbox. I cut it square even though I am goin to shape it up.
Material for repair

Lay the piece of fleece on the air box and use a sharpie marker to draw out the desired shape needed for the repair, it needs to be bigger than the repair area, al least 1/2" to 3/4" on either side of the damage but can be more.
Place material
Drawn to shape

Next cut the fleece to your shape
Fleece cut to shape

The fiberglass resin and brushes were also picked up at walmart
Resin & brushes

Since my hands got messy while fiberglssing, I couldnt get any pics of that, but here is the finished product, it passed the water fill test and water submerge test, with maybe a drop of water leak every 15 to 20 second under water, which will be taken care of with a second coat of fiberglass resin. then a little sanding to smooth and some black spray paint, good as new.
Finished pic #1
Finished pic #2
Finished pic #3
Finished pic #4
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good job on the repair. Its amazing what people will do just to make a ride
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