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Air Fuel Tuning - Colortune

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Anyone ever try this...
Colortune is a glass topped spark plug which allows you to see the color of combustion in your cylinders. Colortune takes the guesswork out of mixture adjustment. The kit includes a special glass topped spark plug, reflective viewing system for difficult plug locations, cleaning supplies and a wall chart which includes a three step tuning procedure complete with troubleshooting guide.
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Sounds interesting. I never heard of that before. More info please.
nope but we just found a atv performance/repair shop locally with a dyno set up specifically for atv/motorcycle.along with a bunch of other computers that i have no idea what they do. so after the first of the year when they slow down i think i am going to bring in the Foreman so they can plug it in and see if i am getting max power.

where did you find that quote and how much does the kit cost?
google for "Colortune Plug" they range from 40-70 bucks
Mine runs fine enough. I ain't spending $70 for a spark plug. You buy one Robb and just let me borrow it!
Me too.
that is alot of money but could be worth it in the long run, you could be running rich and scorch like a piston wall or burn the rings then loose compression
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