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air/fuel screw

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which way gives you more air and which is more gas?
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someone has to know this....come one guys help me out here

if i turn it out am i giving more air or gas to the carb?
I think.....Well if you screw it in all the way, then you are cutting off the gas mix.. so if you turn it out I would THINK that you are adding the "gas" to the mixture... Does this make sense

GOD...I hope I am not wrong... This is the way I saw it..
good try Rincon, but its the other way around. Screwing it out will give more air to the mixture and in will lessing the air mixture with the fuel

quick terms out for leaner in for richer.

DANG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, mine is REALLY SCREWED UP then.........
This info is helpful. Thanks guys. For some reason I thought if you are running rich you would turn your mixture screw in.
the mixture screw doesn't change the fuel flow. it will be the same unless the jets are changed. the mixture screw only changes the amount of air that enters the carb, nothing else air only.
ok i just finished putting a 2 1/2 inch snorkle on my bike.....i'm running the dj 170 with a k&n and exhaust tip.....with the 2 1/2 inch hose for my snorkle should i reduce the air on the screw? It seems to be running great
If itis running great...leave er alone....BUT, remember what happened to slidellforeman.. He had to go down to I think a 155 after the snorkle. Why ?...Just worked better on his bike.

Did the directions and pics help ? Glad you got it done !
how big was his snorkle....was his spitting and missing on the high end of his gears......cause my old foreman did that and i didn't jet it but this time i'm hitting all all gears from top to bottom with no stuttering or anything so i think i'm good but i'm gonna continue to monitor it
could someone possibly post a picture of where this screw is located, i'm having the same trouble with my bike......?? sorry to ask such a dumb question.
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