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Air/Fuel Screw Tool

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Does anyone know where I could pick up the special tool that is needed to turn the air/fuel mixture screw? Is this something I can grap at my local Honda shop? My jet kit didn't come with one and it's kind of a pain to try and get it to turn with out it. Thanks.

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Where on the carb. is the air/fuel screw anyway?Mine idles rough,I'd like to try adjusting the idle mixture.
It's on the bottom in front of the float bowl. It's not a screw really. It's round with a flat cut on one side. I got it to turn with some tweesers but it's a pain.
Just called the local Honda shop and the tool is $5
i qust get a small screw driver and adjust mine. i just put it up on car ramps and lay under the 4wheeler and i can get to it real easy.
The tool is $5.00..?.. Not sure what tool they are selling for $5.00 ..The one from Honda sells for $192.73CDN ($134.91 dealer cost) .. I'm sure there are aftermarket tools a lot cheaper ..

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The way I understood him was it was just a small tool that comes with the jet kits they sell. I believe it's aftermarket. I'll find out when I go by there tomorrow.
Yea what bigvick said, if you buy the jet kit it comes with it.
The wrench is called a D wrench, it does come with the jet kit but its a piece of junk. The guy at the honda shop told me he just uses a flat head screwdriver and gets on the flat side to turn it. Note, be careful how much you turn it.
It may be a pice of junk, but atleast im not using a flathead screwdriver!
Tried everything and got it to turn, but leaving many marks and nicks on the screw and the outside.
i grinded a pair of tweezers down to turn marks on my screw..
Sasquatch it may have worked good for you but I didn't have good luck with it. That was all I meant by what I said.
i worked mine out with a flathead screwdriver and once i had it all the way out i took a dremel tool and grinded a slot in it so i could use a flathead screwdriver whenever i needed to....cost $0.00
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