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air/ fuel adjustment

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Hey I'm a new guy here and have been using the search function.
I'm new to the ATV thing. I just bought my first ATV a 2000 hound forman es 450. The problem is that when i let off the gas or sometimes down shift is backfires. I went and bought a new spark plug today and plan on replacing it in the morning. I have read where adjusting the air/fuel adjustment screw may help. I could use some help on where to find this screw. Any help would be great.

Thanks Carl
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The pilot adjusting screw is on the bottom of the carburator facing the ground. If you want to lean the atv out I believe you screw the pilot in. Good luck...
Thanks. So i found this drawing. Hope this will help some one to point it out. mchezz would you be talking about screw number 13 in the pic's?
And thanks for you help.

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Yes, number 13 is the pilot adjusting screw.
loosen it a 1/8 of a turn each time till the pops go away.
I just replaced the air filter and the spark plug. Then it would not idel. I adjusted the idela nd added soem sea foam gas cleaner to the tank. It had a full tank of gas when I bought it so I don't know how old the gas is. But after the idel adjustment I drove it for aboyt six miles and it is not backfiring any more. I have noticed the once in awhile that idel will stay high for a few seconds..... May just need new gas??
Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I will have many more questions as I start this new adventure
What is the best way to access this adjustment screw?
I find the best way is to remove the seat and right side cover, then from the left side with a short flat screw driver u can access the pilot screw and make the necessary adjustments. and then u can also access the air/fuel mixture on the otherside.
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