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air filters (K&N)

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I was thinking of getting K&N air filter but have read in some post on here and other sites that they let dirt into your engine. Is there any truth to this. What are you running. Do the pre filter remove the fine dirt. What difference if any dose the aftermarket filter make compared to stock.
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If you run a K&N filter, be sure to use a prefilter. We use the Outerwears
prefilter. After a few months of ridin', the K&N filters are still fairly clean &
we ride in fairly dusty conditions a lot.
k&n filters are nice but i am going to disagree on the prefilter. by using a prefilter you will not get as much air flow that you could so there isnt going to be a too big of a difference from stock. i have heard of people using thin dress socks and get good air flow. i am not saying that there will be a huge power difference between a prefilter and the socks but the dress socks will be alot cheaper and do the same thing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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