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Air filter

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I want to replace my stock air filter with and aftermarket filter.
Been looking at K&N for a bit but have read many post about dirt and dust getting through. I have been looking at twinair and no toil filter. Has anyone used these filters and if so any problems. Did they give you any better performance from your engine.
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no problems here using a K&N, worked well for me (till I ran it over )
I wouldn't see how a K&N would allow dust through....I forget the exact size of the element...something like 1 micron. While searching, I found this link that might be helpful
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

You have to keep the filter oiled to function properly, that is a MUST!! Perhaps the info you got was from someone inexperienced with K&N products?!???
One of the guys I ride with just order the no-toil. Looks very easy to clean and a third the cost. Will let you guys now how it works out for him.
air filter

I use UNI and its relatively cheap and easy to clean plus a noticeable HP gain
I have a K&N and I have no problems at all. I also have the precharger on mine and that traps all the dirt and dust. My air filter is so clean I could take it back to the shop and return it because it looks so brand new.
At this point I am looking at cost. K&N is the most exspencive. Waiting to see how my friends no toil works and go from there. I starting to think that they all have there good and bad quality.
IMO after using pretty much all the brands (uni,twin-air,K&N,oem) i will not switch from the K&N with an outerwears prefilter on it.sure it costs more but it's lasted the longest out of all of them and requires less cleaning and traps dirt better when more dirt gets on it.I have yet to see or wipe off dirt in the inside of the filter neck and carb inlet so i know it's doing it's job.if i were to buy another foam filter it would be a twin-air as i believe they are the better quality foam filter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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