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Air Filter Say What!?

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This is my first attempt to clean my stock air filter (1st ATV ever). The instructions say to clean the sub air filter and dust cover but don't say anything about oiling it.....shoud I oil or just clean and reinstall?

Where do I apply the thin layer of grease, the picture in the manual does nothing for me.

Thanks for helping this noob out
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I use Kerosene to clean mine then rinse with soapy water then rinse again with fresh water.Let it dry good,then I apply foam air-filter oil to the filter and a small amount of grease to the inside of the rubber flange where it slides on.I also use a damp cloth and wipe out the air filter box.I bought some AMSOIL foam air filter oil in an aerosol can,works great!
I use PJ-1 foam filter cleaner then the supper tacky spray lub works great
I got the PJ-1 pak also and understand the cleaning/oiling of the yellow filter.

I just need to know about the dust cover and sub filter, I guess I'll just treat them like the yellow one and clean and re oil.

Also if anyone has a pic of the part that needs to be greased with the grease applied so I can see exactly where it goes that would help out a lot.

Thanks for the help
I only have the yellow one and a metal can thing that goes inside yellow filter
I only have the yellow foam filter that goes over the can shaped screen.The grease gets applied to the black part of the foam filter where it slides on.(On the inside of where the clamp goes)
Ok, I gotcha. Thanks for the help. I will either take a pic or scan my manual so you can see the Subfilter and dust cover. We all should have them unless they are something new for '07. I guess no one here ever cleans them. In the manual it says to, but mine still looks clean so I think I'll leave 'em for now.
Here is the SubFilter circled in GREEN

The Dust cover is a small rectangle piece located under the Yellow filter. (U have to remove the yellow air filter to see it)
the sub filter you are talking about is probably the crankcase filter. i've always cleaned it in kerosene then put the filter oil on it.
Yes,that is the crankcase breather.I wash it in soapy water,dry it off and re-install it.I don't use any oil on that filter.That is a vent for the crankcase(lets crankcase pressure escape).
Ok, so no oil just wash 'er and I'm good on the crankcase breather. Thank you all for the help. Like I learned a while ago, knowing is half the battle
I would oil it because it will catch more dirt that way since air flows in and out of it.
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