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air box question

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ok when u remove the airfilter on your foreman. there is a little black box underneath that is curved to the shape of the airfilter and has a tube that runs out the side of the airbox. there is also a little rectangle piece of filter that goes in it. What is it? I swamped my quad last week and that filter is still wet so i was wondering what it is exactly.
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I think its the crankcase filter but I could be wrong. Take it out and let it dry it will be ok. Did you change your oil yet?
yeah what BigDaddy said, just let it dry and throw it back in. Hopefully you didnt get to much dirty water down there cause that goes directly to the motor. Luckily its fairly high in the airbox, im pretty sure the one on my old 450 was a lot lower in the box and easier to get water in the motor if the box filled up.
Check your oil. Hope you dont have a milkshake.
yeah i do have a milkshake...changed it a couple times already...its gettin there tho
next time you go to change your oil to get the water out use 1 quart of cheap oil and 1 quart of diesel fuel and i will flush everything out but remember dont run it long only about 7-10 seconds and dont touch the throttle just let it idle and cut it off drain it overnight, the next day put good oil in it and it is set.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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