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Air Box Lid

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Has anyone ever had a problem with water getting inside of the airbox from the lid? Just curious, thought about this while I was installing my snorkit over the weekend.
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no never happened to me. ive never heard of that happening so i think your ok.
I put grease on the lip and bent the clips to be a little tighter, but I believe some people also put a bead of silicon on the lid I probably never go real deep though bottom of the gas tank and I am ready to get out.
That's never happened to ours.
I have heard of it and experienced it. After so many times of taking the airbox lid on/off the OEM seal starts to let water by.

If this is a problem for you like it was for me after a while I suggest siliconing your airbox lid completely shut.

It is really easy to get back off and is a "safety" while you are jet skiiing...oops I meant 4-wheeling.

Good luck!
Try spraying the airbox openning w/ silicone spray or WD-40. Then put silicone on the lid and put them together. Once the silcon cures it will mold itself to the box and you will be able to remove it easier.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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