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Aftermarket wheels on Rancher

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What do I do with the plug for the brake adjustment access hole when I change to aftermarket wheels?
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New wheels will be here tomorrow, yea!!!

I really need to know about this brake plug?
brake plug

get a pair of Dikes and cut it off leave the part that covers the hole just the extra part .
Thats what I was thinking. Guy I got the tires from said "just pull it out, itll be fine". Yeah right!!!!
Yeah that doesnt seem like to good of an idea..........I dont know how much water riding that you do but down here in florida thats just about all that we do so they stay wet just about all the time anyways
I bought ITP C series wheels for my Rancher. THe inside of the wheel is designed such that the brake plug does not have to be altered.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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