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Aftermarket upgrades for 2007 Foreman 500 (Manual)

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I recently purchased a 2007 Foreman 500 (Manual Shift) and put ITPSS112 rims with 26" Swamplites. I am wanting to put more aftermarket upgrades to help improve performance. I'm new to 4-wheelin so I'm looking for suggestions on the upgrades that will give a reasonable cost/benefit ratio. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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the best bang for the buck mod is the HL Clutch Kit at $70 because by changeing out the stock centrifugal clutch spings for stiffer ones it delays the engament of the centrifugal cluch about 500 RPMs putting you higher in the power band thus giving you back some of the lowend torque the bigger tires took.

also would be a High Performance Kit for $299.00 for the base pipe. which consists of a HMF Utility Pipe, a K&N Filter, a Outerwears Pre-filter, and a jet kit. This also gives you back alot of low end torque.

this is what i would get if i could mod my bike.
JWJR is about right on this one. The only downsides to the HL clutch kit is that it looks like a bitch to install, and it takes away from the top end. Whereas, the a powerkit will more than restore the power. I can pull my 27's off the ground in 1st and 2nd, the downside to doing this is obviously the cost is about 3x as much and you have to re-jet. Which is really not all that hard to do.
The clutch kit doesn't affect the speed in any way what so ever. it just delays the engaugement as JW said.
Thanks for your input guys.

What about the Big Bore High Compression Kit from Highlifter?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Thoughts on a lift kit versus the aftermarket lift springs?
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