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Aftermarket power upgrades

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I was hoping to get a little more power out of my Rubi I'm spinning 28" mudlites and in the deep stuff it's bogging a bit. What are some good suggestions? I don't want to pipe it unless I can find one that is close to stock as far as noise. Anyone have any ideas?
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clutch kit....
hondas are a little detuned from the factory. maby you could get it dynoed or something to get it tuned right. you couldnt really jet it with out a aftermarket pipe. they do make some pipes that arnt too loud though like the hmf ecosystem.
I was looking at a K&N power kit, It says 10-15% increase in power, does anyone have any experience with one of these? Is one clutch kit better than the other? wheres the best place to buy and how much?
Check out my sig. I have the pipe, kit ect. I have a clutch kit just havent installed it yet. I could tell a huge diff in my performance when I added everything and re jetted.
you will tell a power increase if you jet it, pipe and air filter. if you just get the filter or jet kit by its self the power increase will not be too noticable. i got my clutch kit at for around $60.00. i was very happy with it. also the highlifter and EPI clutch kit is the same thing.
does anyone know if the highlifter outlaw super duty clutch kit for the 01-05 rubicon will fit the 06 rubi? they don't list a kit for the 06.
Can an automotive dynamometer be adjusted to fit an ATV on it? If not, are dynos for ATV's hard to find?

And also...can someone explain what the clutch kit does? I'm running 26" tires, so would it be a bad mod for me (is it just for people with larger tires)? Does it just give more low torque, or somehow add power throughout the rpm range?

The clutch kit is just stronger springs that make the clutch kick in at a higher rpm so the bike is closer to the power band. and yes it will help your bike even with 26" tires.
hot cam makes a camshaft for it..
What kind of increases would you get out of a hot cam?
A hot cam may give you a good increase in horsepower, but wouldn't it take away low-end torque? I'm almost positive it would, since this is what any cam does in an automobile.
no, the hot cam is designed to give you more low-end torque, not more top end speed.
awh, thought it was a improvement in HP all around, not just low end..
thanks for clearing that up
No problem man. However, u can get different cam grinds to give you either more low-end torque or high-end horsepower, but not both. You have to choose, for most cars people choose high-end horsepower, but for 4-wheelers and stuff u mostly want more torque unless u have a racing atv.
older clutch kit fits on the 06 rubi.

I just put on the highlifter clutch kit today, it wasthe one that does not list the 2006. Few beers and a lot of patience. I had to go to the honda shop and get them to pull the clutch off. 5 mins of work for 25 buxs. other than that you need a 27 mm impact to bust the nut loose. We figured out how to do it with out one but it was very iffy. bashed knuckles is the only problem so far. I am going to put oil in it and give it a whirl tomorrow and see what happens. I will let you know what i think. I have 27 inch mudbugs hl lift kit and stock everything else.
So the seal is dry and the oil is in. It fired right up and shifted without problems. I can't wait until i can get it out for the real deal.
Well i got a clutch kit on and the diffrence is mabe increases it by 200rpm is my guess.i think if it was 200 more it wud be a great improvement.but just replying to rubijj,wat u need is a shot of nitrous.u wanna see dat unit dance.i put it on my 06 rubi,and look out.very very hyped out buddy has a 07 brute 650 with a clutch kit and a reprogramed cdi and we had a drag race and im a quad lenght behind every rocks.and to boot my quad will not blow loves the nitrous shot.just the downfall is i gotta refill it after the weekend is done.BUT WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, but don't you have to run high octane gas with nitrous?
I tried half 114 and 91 octane and did a couple of test and im back at square 1.Farm fuel 87 octane straight.not kidding.its a wet nitrous system .it has a fuel and nitrous im getting fuel out of 2 places on full throttle.i have held it for a 15 second pull on hard the mud is where it SHINES man.the quad does a instant wheelie so you can jump beaver runs that are deep.front wheels just grab the other side and yr definatly works. i have 2500kms of **** on this quad and i do not know how this tranny is still alive...never seen a code come up on it...WOW " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> Hands down to the gy who put the conglomeration tranny together.
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