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Aftermarket floorboards

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I was surfing the web and came across a set of aftermarket floorboards for my 450S Foreman, I cant find the site now, anyone know where to get a decent set for cheap? I think I was looking on or something.
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I got a sey of steel boards from moose, they hold up great, i like them alot
Do you know their website?
They should sell them at your honda dealer.
thats where i got mine for 75 dollars but my dealer has fairly good deals on aftermarket assecories
Yeah, thats where I got mine too. I dont think moose actually sells off their website though. They have some of their accessories on . Im not sure if they carry the steps though. I do remember seeing some other brands that look similar on that site.
I have the Strong Built on mine, also picked up from dealer for around
I also have the Strong Built. They have held up very well.
I found them on Thanks a lot! Would you reccomend the steel floorboards with or without the skid plates? I am trying to keep sticks from coming up and knocking the foot shift.
Got mine from Highlifter for about the same price and have held up very well...had to adjust the shift lever though.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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