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Aftermarket exhaust system

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I' interested in upgrading to aftrmarket exhaust. I want the performance but i want minimal sound increase. I still use my unit to hunt with & don't want it too loud. Are there any good aftermarket kits that arent too loud?? Thanks alot in advance. Chad
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You might want to look at a Super Trap exhaust. I believe that they are adjustable depending on how many baffles you put in. My friend was wanting the same thing for his PoPo and that is what he got. I'm not sure about how db's but you can probably find some info on the web. If not the HMF Eco pipe is like 96db's. Hope this helps.
i would go with the HMF ecosystem, i think its alot better quality than the supertrapp. i used to have a supertrapp on my rubicon and it fell apart after a ton of miles on it but it was still under waranty and they replaced the parts that went bad.
FMF powerLine.. all stainless steal, no packing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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