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After market speedo

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Does anyone know of an after market speedo for a Rancher.The only one I can find is a small battery powered one.
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I have one of the digital battery powered ENDURANCE by Trail TECH motorcycle computer on my old 93 four trax 300, its been really reliable unit, I have never had to change batteries. I bought it off ebay.
I have been satisfied with it.

You might check eBay for an OEM Honda digital cluster assy off a parted out ES Rancher, I have seen them on there before. The wiring harness on your S Rancher may be plugged for them? Check with your dealer or a Honda Mechanic on this site.
good luck ~ dawg
I dont see a plug for a factory speedo,if one is there I dont know where to find it.Would it maybe be taped up inside the harness or does this model just not have one?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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