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After market parts.

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Do the other Canadians find it hard to find after market parts available to buy in Can. EI. High Lifter parts. If i find them its cheaper to get them on line even with the exchange/duty. The only thing is if you have trouble its a real pain dealing with somebody long distance. Somebody on another forum E-mailed me his dealers # they carry Some HL parts. (DGL LOcker).
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Try <a href="

They%20are%20the%20cheapest%20around,%20In%20ontario%20anyway" target="_blank">

They are the cheapest around, In ontario anyway</a>.
I absolutely agree, finding reasonably priced aftermarket parts and accessories in Canada are few and far between ! I've found the best place is Royal Distributing, in Ontario anyway.
Never heard of "", I'll have to check them out.
Anyone else heard of a good accessories shop, round here in Canada Eh?
Ive found a local guy who can bring in just about anything at a very reasonable price. The only thing I couldn't find was an HMF pipe which I had to order from the states. I actually found one guy in Western Canada who delt them but he was going to charge me 500 can. for the pipe compared to 230 US shipped from Ohio. What kind of things are you looking for?
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