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After market clutch

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Who makes the best after market clutch? And where can I get it?
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EPI makes the only one I am aware of. HL sells it w/ a worthless gasket. Or you can buy it directly from EPI and buy the OE gasket from Servicehonda.
Thanks Truegrit! I thought there was only one but did not know for sure. I did not know about the gasket thanks for the info! has them for 47.95 plus shipping. Mine should be here by tuesday. It was the cheapest I could find.
I tried to look it up on servicehonda and I can't figure it out!! Can I get the gasket at a honda dealer?
the EPI is the only one i know of too, i bought mine off highlifter and since they had the problem with there gaskets they sent me a tube of silicone. some people dont like to use silicone because it may leak but i had my clutch apart three times and it never leaked with silicone.
Thanks wolfemsn that's alot cheaper!
No problem
Am I blind, I cannot seem to find the heading that the clutch kit is under.............
Does this kit include the gasket?
Truegrit says it does but its not very good.
Allright, I wasn't quite sure if he was talking about this kit too. Thanks.
what dose the clutch kit do
It works kinda like a stall converter in a drag car or a mud truck.
It has tighter springs so the engine has to rev up more before it enguages wich means you can have more power transfer to the ground and less clutch slip. This guy said that he has one on this form and he can start a wheeley in second gear from a dead stop by gunning the throttle. Now I know that is got to be a big different.
looks like the next thing i buy after the proformance kit
how hard is the kit to install
I think it will be a pain in my butt..............looking forward to it though.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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