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I am currently running 26" mudlite tires and wheels I want to go to either 28" or 27" x 10's or 12's would like to have 12's all the way around tires for the mud I would like some input on which are the best tires for this application there are so many types to choose from and so little info on them any help would be appreciated
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Outlaws all the way!!!!!!!
the outlaws are really good mudding tires but so are the if that is what you want to do is serious muding...i would go with the OUTLAWS or MUDZILLAS cant go wrong with either one....
I have heard that 27" tri claws all around are lethal! 27x12 all the way around!
The outlaws are the best mud tire ever made. I dont know if I would put the 12s all the way around, it puts a lot of unneeded stress on yourfront end.
go vampires
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