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Advice on a used Rubicon please?

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Awesome site...has been good to me over the years so thanks in advance. I currently have a 13 it..this site was very helpful when purchasing.

Looking for a rubicon or similar (automatic) for my brother. Found an 06 with 3k miles on craiglist for my brother. He is asking $3650. Seems least a few hundred (granted he needs to start high).

Any thoughts on the miles? Are these high miles for this age? Below is the listing.. again thanks for your advice.

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Thats cheap where i live.. toodeep posted a pick of one a couple years ago from a local ranch that had over 30,000 miles on it.. I'm from Canada and mine has about the same mileage as the one your looking at and i wouldnt sell mine for under $5k.. Hondas hold their value for good reason.. ive never been towed home or had ANY issues on trail.. just preventative maintenance. wheel bearings and brakes mostly.
thanks!! decided to pass on it... read more about them and I guess the 01-04 Rubicons have oil pump issues.

Came across an 09 Rincon with 4200 miles. for $4300 any issues with that year?
The early Rincons had cam issues, but an 09 should be ok

They have a lot of power and the IRS is great for trail riding, but not so great for towing and work.

The thing I don't like about the Rincon is the 3 speed transmission. No low end grunt at all.

They are great for trail riding. For everything else the Rubicon is a better machine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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