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Adjusted the valves for the first time

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I now have over 300 miles and 25 hours on my 500 so I decided to adjust the valves myself.It wasn't hard at all,fairly easy.I checked the valves before I adjusted them thinking that the adjustment might be right on,WRONG! Boy,were they tight...I couldn't get a .004" feeler gauge in there.I adjusted them to the recommended .006" and now you can hear them clicking when the bike is warmed up.Should I leave it alone or re-adjust them to maybe a loose .004" ??
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I always do mine to the sight side of hondas specs, to keep them quiet.
what's the sight side Rob. Useful info
I think he meant tight.
Last night I tore into a second time and adjusted them to a snug .005" and before putting it all back together this time I started the bike and let it run for a while,All is better now.Sounds much quieter.
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