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Adjusted my valves last night..

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Good thing I did! I found that I had minimal to 0 lash on the exhaust valve.
Hardest part of the entire job is getting a feeler guage under the rocker to get an accurate setting.
The quad idled previous just a little rougher than my friends foreman and since I already had 14 hrs on it and was planning to ride possibly a couple hundred miles over the weekend down in Ky, it was time to check/adjust them plus change the oil. Bike idles so much smoother now with obviously better throttle response.
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My valves were too tight at the first service too.Did you set them to the specified .006" ? that's what I did and it is really noisey at this setting.
They are set at .006. They didn't sound to noisey but I didn't run it enough to fully warm up and expand a little. I'll find out this weekend after riding. Noise is listening to 16 valves clattering away with .022 lash with open exhaust! But it's a good noise!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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