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Adjustd valves on 05 Rubicon, now I have a chirping sound.

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Adjusted the valves to spec today. Engine was at TDC on Compression stroke. Now when I first started while it was cold, there was a chirp sound when I let off the gas and went back to idle. Once in a while when I shut it off it did the same chirp. After the bike was warm, 5 mins of riding, the chirp sound went away. Washed the bike, started it back up, chirping again. What could this be? Too tight? Too loose? Should I readjust the valves again?

Any info would be great.

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Sounds like they are too tight ,go to the how to section and follow the steps,I found the best temp for setting them is room temp .Was it hot when you set them?
I followed the step by step instructions. The bike was sitting in the garage over night when I adjusted them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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