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Hi all. I have a 2004 Rubicon 500 GPS that I want to street legal. I have purchased the Tusk kit from Rocky Mtn ATV that includes everything but the brake light conversion. I have searched the How To forum and found two previous threads, here: (, and here: (

Automotive electronics is not my forte, please bear with a few questions:

1. Does anyone know without me tearing into my rear tail light assembly, is there a dual filament socket in the tail lights on the 2004 Foreman/Rubicon that will allow using the existing assembly for both tail and brake lights?
2. Can the existing right brake switch that allows starting in gear serve double duty as a hot lead to brake lights?
3. Is my best bet to make this brake light conversion still going to be using the OEM parts listed in the previous thread?
4. The older post refers to removing the start in gear wiring because it doesn't exist on the machine being converted in the thread. My machine has the start in gear feature so do I leave its harness in place, and add the second Honda (32105-HP0-A00) brake light harness?
5. Does the new Honda brake light switch mount on the right side in the same place as the start in gear switch necessitating removal of the start in gear switch?
Thanks for any help or ideas
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