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Adding a Aftermarket pipe?

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Do you have to rejet the carb when you get a new slip on pipe,or can you just install it? Any help would great.
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More than likely you will need to rejet your carb if you add a pipe. I have not added my pipe yet but fully expect to rejet. The jetting controls the air/fuel mixture, just like a carb. The setting will depend on the pipe, elevation, if you change the intake (air filter), etc. Sometimes you just have to get a new jet then use the stock needle. If you need more help look in the how to section, I think there is a write up!
I put the LRD slip-on on my bike and rode it around the yard just hear the pipe for like 2 minutes, when i pulled the plug to see which way to jet the bike , the sparkplug was solid black. so you really should have your car re-jetted. i use to have my YFZ450 jetted before evey ride to ajust for the temp and humidity.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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