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actual mounted height versus advertised height

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can anyone suggest a mud tire with a mounted height that is at least what is advertised.. my 27 dirt devils are 26 1/4 tall on the rear with the suggested 7 psi,, and they are hard as a rock, I had to drop the front to 6 psi to match the rear in diameter .
We have a mod in the works for running a bigger tire on our foremans .
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Claws for sure measure true to there size, and even more so depending how much air you put in them, mine with 20lbs of air measure 28.25 inches. And they are 27in tires.
wow. that would do..nicely
I went through both my bikes today, i couldnt find any reason why bevs sputtered and died in muffler deep water yesterday.
there was no water in the air box drain though, and the filters were dry..
and there was no water in the crank case.. i don't get it??
As long as the carb drain is plugged, Carb vent rerouted up and the Spark plug boot greased it shouldn't sputter under water if you stay above idle. W/ the stock exhaust the air flow can not overcome the water pressure on the tail pipe. So you have to keep the revs up.
carb drain was plugged, i put dielectric grease on the spark plug boot and the exciter box connections. I extended the carb hoses to the pod.. but I idled through the hole kinda feeling my way.. so hopefully that is it. I need to put an extension up on the tail pipe or get an aftermarket . thankyou thankyou
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