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ACT XLR's in the Mud for the first time

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Just got back from running around the Northumberland forest. I went out with a club a friend of mine belongs to. There were 10 of us in all, with all different machines and tires, so it was a good time to see what worked and what didn't.

I am very impressed with these tires after this mud run. The only other guys to get through were two 450 Yamaha Kodiak 450's with independant rear suspension running 26" Mudzilla's and 26" Mud Bugs, a 650 Can-Am XT Max with stock ACT's, and my friend with his new (Maiden Voyage) Rubicon also running ACT XLR's.

The Bear Claw equipped 450 Yamaha got stuck and so did both Grizzlies running stock rubber. (Stock knobbies only got just into the mud before getting buried)

We were in about 4 different mud holes all day, and I can go anywhere the Mudzilla equipped Kodiak 450's can go, and with seemingly less effort. I wasn't stuck ever all day. My friend bought the same tires as me with his new Rubicon on my recommendation and he is glad he did. He was right behind me in every mud hole and loving it. He only got stuck once, when he forgot to put it in 4wd and buried it first.

These things clean out good, and are still good trail tires with a better ride than my stock bias tires. I'm very happy I bought them.
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good to hear these tires are working out for you.
any noticeable wear yet on them yet?
What is the tread depth on those tires? Do they measure true to size?
Can't really see any wear yet, but I've only got about 100 - 120km on them. I measured them this morning on the ATV from the ground to the top of the tire, the rears measured 25.5 inches high and 9.75 inches wide so if they were measured unloaded, I'm sure they would have a 26 inch diameter.

The fronts measured 25.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide. The lugs measure 1 inch, and the books list them as 1 inch lugs.
I measured the tires on the factory 450ES wheels.

The size on the sidewall is 26x9R12 front and 26x11R12 rear.
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