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Abused Gear Case

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My Foreman has it's origingal skid plates and engine guard, but I have just noticed that the rear skid that protects the gear case is bent all to heck and pressed against the gear case a little to much. Everything else looks o.k., but I think I need a new rear skid. Can anyone suggest a good replacement, I do not want to go back with an original. I ride a lot of rocky trails. Thanks for the help in advance!
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Ricochet makes the only one I have seen.
I have never seen a smasher rear diff case on a honda.. if fact i take my sheilds off as they only hold the mud in.
you must have never bottomed out on anything hard. Mine looks like it was bolted on a tank that got bombed. I take it off every now and then and beat it back in shape and put about 5 coats of paint on it. The paint last about 3 good rides and then it's back to bare metal. I would not sugest taking them off if you get out of your yard. The forces that bent the guard are the same forces that could be responisble for a cracked rear diff.
if youi have the tools to make one i would just make one and make it out od strong metal. my rear diff grard was destroyed on mine. also it would proubly be a good idea to make a guard for the brake drum. i cracked mine and had to JB weld it, it never held water water out since
I have never seen a smasher rear diff case on a honda.. if fact i take my sheilds off as they only hold the mud in. must not ride where i have been...If not for my ricochet rear skid i would have bought at least 4 diffs by now.
Moose makes an Awsome strong one and it will take a beating LOL
I made a complete skidplate from puckboard, stuff is incredibly durable and I have beat the heck out of it on trees to huge rocks. I wanted the wheelwells also covered to keep large sticks from coming up through the holes(had this happen before). I also included a pic of the hitch reversal I did to gain some clearance. I just cut the two halves apart, reformed the top for the bottom and reattached. Has worked great.
I went with the Ricochet skid and have been very pleased. I realize that the pure mud riders have no need for this upgrade but where I ride with all the rocks and hellish trails it great feeling to have proper protection. The factory skid is a joke for anything above moderate riding imo.
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