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A Squeak

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so, last night while riding i heard a squeak everytime i hit a bump... and it didnt have to be a big bump at all. it sounds like its coming from a rear shock, but when i have it parked and push down on the bike i dont hear the squeak. anyone had this problem or know what it could be?
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put grease on everything that moves

ex. everywhere the shocks connect up, put it in the gaps of the swingarm...ride it a bit to work it in and see if it keeps squeking
How about the seat? My seat latch was causing a squeak everytime I sat down on it.Greased it up and it went away.

I had an 04 rancher 350 , did the same thing... water in the shock bushings, I sprayed the shock mount area's with lithium grease. After about 15 min of driving the grease worked in and never heard it again.(traded the bike in 2 years later)
where is the bushing? i'll prolly get underneath the bike and grease everything.
Yea I had the same issue, turned out to be the rods under the foot pegs.
wow really? i would have never though the footpegs would squeak like that.
before my next ride im going to grease everything
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