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A new member!

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Hello from Germany!

excuse my bad english!

I am from Weissenburg in Bavaria/Germany!
I am great fan of my foreman 450 ES.
I have it for four weeks and ordered much options i think its nice to have.
The winch is in my garage and is waiting for the mounting plate.
The k+N and the gripheaters are installed, also the fast-reverse-kit and the start-in-every-gear-switch.
The two last things i have from the states (ebay, what else?), the rest is in germany available.
The tires and rims, also the springs and the liftkit are ordered and on the way.
The jetkit will be mounted when the pipe (also ordered in the states) will come.

The Quad- and ATV-driving-fans in germany get more and more, but not all is allowed and not all is available.

But different to the states in germany is more driving on streets and highways. To drive into mud is great but not allowed in germany.

This side is a great!!! The informations are good to have and i read the most of them.

thanks for reading and alwayshave a lot of fun with your ATV´s from Honda

with best regards Thomas alias t.murphy35
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Welcome to the site
Welcome Thomas
Welcome to the site !!!!
Welcome to the site!
welcome....dont worry about your english though...alot of us our from the southern united states and dont speak it as good as we talk in short a lot of times on this site.
Welcome to the site and i to have bad english but thats is because of my southern heritage (all my dads side of the family if from west texas)
Thanks your are great!!!

Thomas alias murphy35
welcome to the HF family
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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