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a little gray smoke at full throttle

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is that okay? or does it mean that my rings or whatever or going out??

i only notice the smoke when i give it full throttle in neutral.

Maybe i need to turn some type of screw or something to adjust the gas...

i don't know, let me know if anyone else has the same issue that i am having...

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If it's just a small amount, I wouldn't worry about. We have about 5 or 6 honda's in our riding group and all are stock, except mine, and if you ride behind any of us you will see a small puff of dark grey smoke every now and then. Your mixture might be a little rich.

i guess that will okay to run it like that then...

i ordered a jet kit and exhaust so i will try to get the mixture right when i install that...hopefully with no snags

thats how mine started off, then $1500 later it had a new top and bottom end, keep an eye on it if it gets any worse bring it in so you dont cause more damage but as much as you dont want it to be its probably youre rings at the least. have you ever got mud or water in the airbox cuz it doesnt take much to get into the motor all you have to do is get mud/water up to the bottom of the air filter, thats where the crank case vent is, i highly reccomend extending and looping this line to the top of the airbox
No one has ran this line up to their snorkle yet?
i ran it on my 300 cuz it doesnt go into the airbox but i dont like it externally cuz humidity will build up in it and cause it to "gurgle" also it allows trash and dust to enter your motor very easily, a solution would make some sort of gaurd to keep rain/water out and also put some sort of small filter
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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