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it is smart to put your radiator on you front rack if you ride in alot of mud, because once your radiator is full your bike will over heat like crazy. you can do it to any bike that has a radiator, it dont matter what brand or anything. a air cooled motor has "fins" on the head of the motor so the air will cool it. the other kind is called liquid cooled motor, this kind does not have the "fins" on it. that is the purpose of radiator on the liquid cooled bikes.
you could just drain your oil to see if it is milky and if it was not milky you could put the old filter back in be i do not recomend it. there is also a dip stick you can use to see if there is water in your motor, this would be alot easyer than draining the oil out. hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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