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A few pictures of me and the wife.

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me and the wife enjoying our new hondas in the snow this weekend. I know they are all stock but we still have lots of fun, one question though I did notice that my fan kept cutting on while I was riding. I am guessing that its harder on the bike riding through all that snow? Would I be right in assuming this, and will it hurt my bike. I was not sure so when the fan cut on I would turn off the bike and give it a rest. Is this something that I should do or will the bike be okay?
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Not sure about the fan. But, you have a nice set of atv's. What year models are they? Brand new? That yellow sure is growing on me.
mine is a 2006 Foreman 4x4 ES, and the wife has a 2006 Rancher 4x4 ES, and my wife liked the yellow and I agreed. Makes it easier for others to see us when we are riding.
Do you plan on putting the Warn 424 Select on the Rancher? That is one of the best mods to do on a 4WD Rancher. People say it really makes a Rancher fun to ride.
For your fan question just let the fan run you don't need to give it a rest unless your temp light comes on, also if the fan is running it is best to let it run shutting off the quad will turn off the fan.

My fan run most in summer and winter, summer cause it is hot, winter because I get snow around the engine limiting the air flow and snow is an excellent insulator so the heat gets trapped in while the snow slowly melts

Looks like the donuts are fun, another fun one is to get on ice with a little snow put it in 4x4 and do donuts you will start out big but once you get in 3rd gear you will be doing donuts about the size of an 5 gallon bucket gets you way dizzy , this is without chains or studs though
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