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HAHAHA sorry i forgot to take the bubble wrap off the seat.. When i put the tires on it was freezing outside and i drove it over to my brothers house, and there was ice on the seat. so i grabbed the bubble wrap.. it rides REALLY GOOD with the perfex, 2lbs in the MST's, and bubblewrap seat cover, haha..
but i love the MST's!!( i can hammer it in 1st gear in a mud hole in 2wd and it will lift the front tires.... cant wait to get the clutchkit installed...) and i got the rubicon rims for $150 from SwampfoxTN, Lucas's Screename on Highlifter... the front ones are a little scratched up but they are only goin to get worse with the places i drive...

The trailer pic was me and 2 of my friends tryin to unload 75gals of diesel fuel.. and for a second we couldnt figure out why the back of the trailer was touchin the ground until one of my friends died out laughing
so i grabbed the camera out of my pocket and snapped that picture...

Yall see the smoke machine????? hehe i got some new tires for my truck....
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