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A/F screw

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Does anyone know how many turns out the stock setting is on the A/F screw? Also estimated how many turns out should it be for a stock foreman with a 1.5" pipe snorkel? It's too lean i think now cuz its sputtering towards the top of the throttle. I have the tool to do it tonight so replys ASAP would be appriciated.

Thanks guys.
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I run mine at 3 turns out.It runs great,idles smooth.
whered you get the tool for the a/f screw?
Air Screw

Yeah where did you get the tool for the a/f screw?
i work at the honda dealership....just asked one of the mechanics if i could borrow it. Want me to see if I can order a bunch n sell them to you guys? I'd only charge u guys what i can get them for.
yeah only if it cost me 1 arm and 1 leg haha

dremel it is!

holy cow! that is an expenisve tool.
dremeled mine, much better deal. you can buy a dremel tool for less than that. the dynojet kits come with a tool to adjust the air/fuel
that tool doesnt look anything like the one i have so let me ask first mines ALOT simpler
I cut a slot in mine with fine hacksaw blade,didn't cost anything.

i cut a small slot on the screw with the little grinding blade...shaped like a little pyrmid. just used the point and went back and forth and made a groove...

how often will you have to adjust it to need that tool?

i don't see the point in buying one unless you are installing kits for cash or something...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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