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A D Boivin or perfex kit for a 2000 foreman 450

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I am kinda torn. I see tons about the perfex but almost nothing about the boivin kit. The boivin apears to be made a little tougher and have the same effects. Ofcourse it is 60 bucks more. Opinions please, want to order asap
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Follow the crowd..... Seriously I have the perfex and am very pleased with it. Souds like you have looked into both of them. So... I have beat my atv since I bought it and put the perfex kit in and have not had a single problem out of it. I would suggest the Perfex kit, more of them in use, less $ to buy it, ALOT easier to install (all of 30 min).
I've not herd too much on the boivin kit but I have the Perfex kit and love it.

Easy to install, cheaper. There is strength in numbers, if more people are getting the Perfex kit then that should be a good indication.
I just wonder if the numbers are because less are aware of the boivin kit.
i have never heard of the boivin but once again ive beat the crap out of mine and still no problem.
QUOTE ("TheRookie":3p8kbkp7)
I just wonder if the numbers are because less are aware of the boivin kit.
That could be it, along with.... ease of install, price, simplicity of design, toughness, and NOT made by snowmobile poeple.

You just cant go wrong with the perfex kit.
I haven't seen Boivin at any Canadian stores and the Perfex kit is readily available here.

In my opinion,Perfex is perfect and I would recomend it to all Honda owners with sra.
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