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A couple of suggestions please. BBK vs. High Comp Piston

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I was looking for some input on which would be better for power & reliability. Looking to either install a BBK or also heard the power gain would be about the same if I installed a high-compression piston instead of the BBK. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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bbk and high compression pistion yes wouldnt be far off but if you do the bbk with the cam then there is no comparison much more power with adding the cam
Thanks. What about the piston & the cam compared to the bbk & the cam as far as power output? Also, do u know if its a prob tryin to keep the engine form over heating if u just bore it out & do a high comp piston. I know the bbk will be about the same as stock since the cyl wall be the same thickness & ur not actually takin anything off the head itself.
I personally have the bbk with the cam on the fiances bike and its bad to the bone for sure no more bogging down in 2nd gear just flat out roots without skipping a beat
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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