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A Couple of Carb drain/overflow questions...

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hey guys, I was out yesterday and swamped my machine in sone deep water, had to get back to the truck cuz it would stall everytime I gave it gas...I did a search on the forums here and went out and drained the carb. She runs perfect again, no problems at all...

So my question is this: why not keep the line plugged permanently? Why does it need to be unplugged for trailering?

Another Question: My machine has a check valve on this line coming down, I've run a test on it and it doesn't work. If I was to replace the valve with a new, properly functioning one, would it solve my problems and eliminate the need to whip out a golf tee everytime I see water?
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You can plug it and leave it plugged while you ride. The over flow will only need to be used if the bowl on the carb overfills If the carb overfills it could get into the engine and down into the oil. If you shut off the gas after you ride then no more gas can get into the carb and/or unplug the drain after you ride and you will be fine
Thanks Harry, but what about replacing that "check valve"? Would that solve my problems as well?
The check valve will stop water from getting into the carb,its job is to let gas out and stop water and junk from getting in.I'd replace it for that reason alone.If your going to transport it to and from,its always a good idea to shut the gas off cause gas will slosh around and make its way out the overflow tube.
both my bikes stay plugged all the time. i just shut the fuel off when hauling
possible water in gas

hi this sounds like my problem as well !! i went to the car wash a couple of days ago and tilted my atv straight up to wash underneath it to clean the mud . after i did this it would not start for awile . i thought maybe i got something electrical wet but that may not be the case . at first i started her up with the full choke and it idled well than as soon as i cut the choke off to make it idle regular it cuts off . a day passed and i started it again and it idled fine with the choke off , but when i gave it gas it cut right off . thinking there maybe gas in the line i tryed some stp water remover . waited 2 days no change .. can anyone help with this problem ???
Sounds like dirt to me.I'd take the carb off and clean it.Simple as taking the bowl off and removing jets and using compressed air.Nice clean looking bike btw.
you can't keep it plugged because it is a vent. it has to be able to fucntion. they say you can plug it for deep water crossings, but if you leave it plugged, it will make your motor run bad(if it needs to vent). my check valve has allowed water to enter my carb bowl on more than one occasion. the solution to that problem is by manually draining the bowl. and, i've been told, but haven't tried it, that the quickest solution to the check valve problem is to install a check valve from a kawasaki brute force 650 carb model. other than that, you'll need to keep the golf tee handy when you anticipate deep water.
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