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a carb question?

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I know there is alot of jetting questions in this forum, but i need to ask one more? My 450 "craps out" at high RPMS, its got a snork, modified exhaust, K&N, etc..., I installed a oem 136 main. It pulls hard low and mid range , but when the RPMS get up it acts like its hitting the rev limiter, but pre-maturely, mabe its starving for fuel? Is there a tunning trick i dont know about? I mean, if it was a holley, piece of cake, but this little terd is very touchy! do they have a power valve?
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When it gets up in the high rpm and starts cutting out like you say, pull the choke out and see if it stops cutting and picks up speed. If it does this then yes you are running too lean.
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