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i have looked at the a-arm, and i was curious if we could take the left side a-arms and put them one the right side, i wont to run the 29.5 but dont want the fender braket and can bend the oem brakets but have thought maybe this would help clear them not to mention when i come out of step banked holes my front skid plate hit the hump before my tires do cause a little more trouble coming out they look as though they would move the front end forward just curious if anyone has tried this and if it can even be done.

Sorry so long
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Alot of people are bending the metal bar behind the tires to stop the rubbing. I know personally of 3 people that have also heated up the plastic just behind the front tires... where it curves forward and when heated, you can straighten them out. This will make the edge of the fender straight, not curved forward. What a difference 1/2 of an inch will make. They do this to the rear fender as well to stop the rubbing when hitting bumps as well. Hope that helps..
i know those tricks and thats what i have already done but when i come out of a hole the frame hits before the tires has a chance to climb me out of the hole i wont to try and move the front tires forward curing that problem
AHHHH...Ok..Im sorry, I misunderstood you. Well.. Thats way out of my league. Anyone got answers for that one. Im lost...
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