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I bought a used foreman a couple weeks ago, pretty much everything mechanical is in working condition, but I knew ahead of time that the electric shift didn't work. Luckily the previous owner has attached (welded, unfortunately) a foot shifter to the shift tool rod. So it rides and shifts fine with that. But I'd like to get the electric shift working because 1) I just want to, and 2) I read that constantly foot shifting via the emergency shift is hard on the transmission, since it was not intended for that.

The current state of it when I got it was...
  • up/down Buttons on shift box never do anything when pressed. Rest of that box works though (headlights)
  • Manual/Emergency shift works fine through all gears
  • N, 1, and 5 show up on the Panel when shifting through the gears. 2-4 only show a "-".
  • The angle sensor and shift motor were both attached and plugged in.
  • Shift motor did not have a reduction gear removed.
Things I've done...
  • Unplugged the angle sensor to see if I could get it into "manual" mode (something I read about). This did nothing for the ESP or the Gear position indicators.
  • Unplugged both the motor and sensor to see if this affected the gear indicator, it did not. Though I did notice that with both the sensor and motor unplugged it didn't want to shift up out of reverse while running. Had to turn it off to shift from R. Not sure if that's as intended or if its some other issue.
  • Replaced the sensor with a new one. This did nothing either.
  • Replaced the entire shift motor. This also did nothing.
  • While riding it in this state I do remove a reduction gear so that I'm not trashing the new shift motor.
So basically I have a new sensor and shift motor but I'm still in the same state as when I bought it. Not sure where to go from here. Any help with diagnosing this is much appreciated!
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