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QUOTE ("Jareece")
Ok. I went riding today. The bike had not been cranked all day, and when I turned it on, the fan came on and ran for just a few seconds and then shut off. I turned the key off and turned it back on, and it did it again. It did this three times, and finally the fourth time it didn't do it. After riding for about an hour or hour and a half, we stopped for about 45 min. By this time it had gotten dark so before cranking up I turned the lights on and the fan came on. I turned the lights off, and the fan went off. I have been having problems with my oil temp light coming on and flickering here and there, and the motor does seem to be running hotter than it used to. I read the forums on the oil light coming on and several about the fans, but none seemed to be like what mine is doing. Any suggestions as to what my problem may be or what I might could try to fix it? Thanks.
The temp switch acts as a ground to turn on the fan, and the temp light.
this works through the fan control unit. Check the wireing and the connections. Check the grounds because if I am reading the wiring diagram correctly a loose ground could cause a feed back and give you some wierd problems such as the ones you describe. If all that checks out it could be a bad temp switch or fan control unit. Check all the simple stuff before you just go to changing parts.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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