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99 450ES blown fuse

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After my bike was laid up for a month or so I went to start it up.I noticed a burning smell coming from under the seat.I never thought much of it where it was outside in all the weather.Just figured a bit of snow burning off.After it was running for a few minutes I noticed that it would not shift gears and that the reverse light was on.I shut it off and restart it and it was still on,and still would not shift gears.I traced the buring smell down to the rectifier which is located on the right side frame just up over the rear wheel.It was burned on the outside and when i took it off it was also the same on the inside of a few of the terminals along with the connector being burned the same.When i checked all of the fuses there was a 30 Amp fuse was the one behind the black fuse case which holds the main ones.It is the one in the clear case which holds a spare fuse.Would a faulty rectifier cause this problem and the fuse to blow.The bike was working fine when i stopped using it.Any help would greatly help.
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Yes the regulator/rectifier probably shorted .. You'll have to install a new one and fuse/s .. The stator should be tested ..

We've replaced reg/rec's on TRX450's but most on TRX400's ...
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