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So yesterday... I was driving my foreman 450 ES. Started up fine went down the road in second gear slowly went around the corner went to turn around and I noticed on my gauge that's not showing the number to anymore it's showing these two sideways lines -:-.
It is done this before and I just turn my key off and back on it is displayed again the correct number of gear that would be in. Well yesterday that wasn't the case I did so and it still display those lines -:-
And now I can't manually put it into gear with my little emergency tool. I went to turn it around to roll it backwards home and somehow it started rolling on its own so I figured it was in neutral. In this case it should start if it's rolling it's in neutral.
Well on my display the neutral light is not on but it is rolling. So I believe it may not be in neutral and that's why it will not start with even my pull start.
I still have tons of compression , it jas spark , it is getting gas. I I have no idea what to do now any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
By the way it's a 1998 Honda Foreman 450 ES I only had about 700 kilometers on it in about 68 hours of running time so it's been very well maintained and very rarely used. Just to plow the laneway before I got it.
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