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98 Foreman 450 water logged

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Today I went riding and I sank my quad in a creek/mud hole I got water in my carb and in my oil. Here is what I did I drained the carb and the oil, I ran diesel fuel through the the oil pan to get out the water, then I replaced the oil and let it run for a few minutes it ran like brand new. I am going to change the oil again tommorow. But my question is did I do the right things and if so is there anything else I should worry about or need to do? Thanks for any input.

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if you didnt change your filter you need to do that
I cleaned the filter good it was brand new.
QUOTE ("wilsonpatrick":3qkv904c)
I cleaned the filter good it was brand new.
change the filter $3.50 at autozone sameone honda sells just diff. box
check and clean you air filter as well, when my buddy swamped his the air box was full of water as well as the exhaust. After we got it running we stood it on its end to drain all the water out of the exhaust.
You should probably drain the carb bowl too. You'd be surprised at all the crap that comes out of there.
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