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97 Foreman I have some really stupid questions.

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I was givin a 97 Foreman 400.The previous owner took the head and cylinder off because there was a rattling noise.I am just guessing that the Timing chain and/or the tensioner is the noise.He said he tore it down,did not see the chain,so he figured that the case has to be split to fix it.I told him no,the chain is behind either the front or back cover and it should not be a difficult fix.He asked me if I wanted the machine and once it's fixed we can go riding....I cannot believe I got this machine for free..I am SOOOOO stoked to fix it.I have every piece,nut and bolt to put it back together and It's in decent shape for the amount of miles on it (8500)---but after reading some of these posts'I know that really nothing for a Honda.Now my stupid questions are I know I want a D.I.D. chain.but is Honda the only place to get the tensioner? has it been updated to last longer? I have been reading on here since I got the machine last weekend,and was hoping someone who has already replaced thier chain and tensioner,put something under the "how to" section but no such luck.Any help or ideas on this---like where or how to do this.I need to buy a battery,check/change the tensioner and one last stupid question....where is the brake fluid resivior(sp?)The previous owner went out and bought a New Arctic Cat 700, but with a few exceptions,I have always ridden Honda started with a cb360 to a 550 four super sport(I had two of them) a 1985 V65 Sabre-loved that bike and I just sold my Polaris 330 Magnum,(would not ever buy another Polaris )---that is just my opinion I just do not like them ,so yes I am back on Honda,and I hope to keep this one for a while.I will try to post some pics later.THANKS MUCH!!!
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Can't help with the chain tensioner deal but the brake fluid resivoir is on the rh hand handlebar, the lever is attached to it.
Honda is the only one that makes a tensioner for it. The chain is located behind the front clutch cover of the motor. You will need a puller to get the Centrif. clutch out before the chain can be changed. The tensioner is located on top of the block in the front, you already have the cylinder off which is required to be removed to get the tensioner out.
Dirtyman.. what di you use for a puller to get the clutch basket pulled off? Where can you get the D.I.D chain ?
I use a standard 3 jaw puller big enough to fit around the Centrif. clutch housing, I also installed a big hose clamp around the lower arms of the puller to keep it from sliding off the clutch. if you don't have one big enough, you can put a few of them together to make it longer. It doesn't take much to get it off the crank. The clutch basket doesn't require a puller. You should be able to get the DID chain from any after market atv shop, eBay even has them from time to time.
I see a few places selling the D.I.D. chain.I will post links for them if you want to check them out.I know I have seen them on Ebay quite a few times.I have three or four different pullers for the clutch.Does anyone know if the tensioner has an updated version from the original design? I am curious about something,Will either a 450 or 500 cylinder and head go over the 400 bottom end?I will not buy anything from our local dealer (Sportline) I need some info either a shop manual or Clymer or Haynes? any other areas of concern that I should be looking for while I have it apart?Thanks for the info everyone.I am sure it wont be my last question(s).
It does have a replacement over the original.
14510-HM7-010 (replaces 14510-HM7-000) 001 $70.74
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Any good Honda dealers online to get the parts from???
There are only a few difference's between the 400 and 450 foreman's. The 450 cylinder assem. and head will bolt right up on the 400.
QUOTE ("Dirty4man":37vgtdpk)
There are only a few difference's between the 400 and 450 foreman's. The 450 cylinder assem. and head will bolt right up on the 400.

well maybe more than a few difference's. But there are a lot of interchangeable parts between the two.
QUOTE ("Dirty4man":36x7dneh)
well maybe more than a few difference's. But there are a lot of interchangeable parts between the two.

I was saying HMMMMM for the thought crossed my mind,now that the motor is already torn down if it would be worth it to swap it out (powerwise).Anyone know if the heads are the same? or is there a difference in the chamber sizes?Any other common problems on these machines I should be on the lookout for before I re-assemble it?
the heads are different, the 400 has smaller ports. both are very strong engines with a lot of low end torque. some say the 400 has more torque but the trans are almost identical.
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